Monday, November 12, 2012

Blog Post Two

All of basic t.v. and cable people are searching for Bigfoot, hunting down ghosts looking for things that are debatable on wheather the exist or not. Now, it turns out, they should add mermaids to the list. A mermaid is creature that is half human, and half fish. Mermaids are female, while the Mermen, naturally, are males. They have the torso of a fish, and the upper body of a human being. Mermaids are also often interchanged with water fairies. Mermaids are usually considered to be ver beautiful, and extremely attractive in looks. Unlike the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid, the original mermaid refferred to by various cultures, and their records and books testify to the presence of the mermaid. However, many of these reports cite that the mermaids were not very pretty, as depicted in the movie. One of the earliest mentions of mermaids dates back to well over five thousand years ago!.

Photo by Santa Barbara Historical Museam

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